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Our Work

Dynafios serves healthcare organizations nationwide. Our approach to healthcare yields big picture thinking with tactical application for sustainable growth that addresses today’s challenges and prepares our clients for the future.

We are focused on achieving measurable and sustainable results that positions organizations for success in a complex and rapidly changing environment.

Dynafios is led by an experienced team of healthcare professionals that includes physicians, nurses, senior level executives and financial advisors. The Dynafios difference resides in our expertise and resources – delivering efficient, cost effective, quality engagements for our clients.

We partner with your team to ensure engagement and alignment and collaboration among all key stakeholders across the organization and work with your team to address any barriers to implementation.


SERVICE: Co-Management
RESULT: Over 10 Million In Savings

The RCCH team in combination with Dynafios was able to recognize more than 10 milion in savings through the redesign of clinical care and the reduction of provider variation in general medicine, cardiovascular and orthopedic services.


“Our cardiovascular program has been very disruptive for years with three specialties involved and constant turf wars. The Dynafios team really helped provide not only a tactical plan to integrate the providers but helped us focus on the real opportunity – Quality of Care, Access and Program Growth!”

Tim Feist, COO
Peninsula Regional Medical Center

Orthopedic Surgery

12.4% year over year growth

Ambulatory Surgery

$2.8 Million margin improvement

General Medicine

Sepsis mortality reduced by 49%

Cardiovascular Surgery

$1 Million in direct cost savings

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