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Dynafios is a different name. It fits as we’re a different company. Our name is derived from the intersection of two words—dyna is Greek for power and fios is Irish for knowledge. We have taken two unique words and married them into one powerful word that defines us and what we do: Dynafios (pronounced “dyna-fee-os”). We bring the power of knowledge to the healthcare decision-making process.

Dynafios began in 2004 with the mission of bringing transparency, clarity and real-time data analytics to achieve two goals: attain clinical excellence and improve financial performance. Since our inception, Dynafios has consistently delivered on this promise to hundreds of healthcare systems across the U.S. We provide advanced analytics and healthcare consulting, helping both hospitals and health systems become more successful in a highly dynamic and ever-changing landscape.

We value creativity, honesty and integrity. We also evangelize the power of data as we leverage this power in every decision we make and in every kernel of advice we give.

Dynafios Software & Healthcare Consulting Services

Dynafios has spent more than a decade creating software and healthcare consulting services to optimize clinical and financial performance in healthcare. Dynafios 4CAST analytics software provides clients the ability to easily visualize variation, identify opportunities for improvement and make decisions based on real-time data. Our TRACE physician time tracking software ensures contract compliance. And finally, our healthcare consulting services consistently deliver positive change to healthcare organizations through physician alignment initiatives, turnkey certification programs, and other services that reduce variation, elevate compliance, and drive clinical excellence and financial performance.

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