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Dynafios TRACE Software

How do I get the TRACE app?

The TRACE timekeeping app can be found on both the iTunes store and Google Play, and downloaded like other apps for mobile devices.

What if I forget my password?

There is a help key on the app that will allow you to send an email to a TRACE team member to get your password reset.  In addition, there is typically a person at each facility that can assist.

What if I change my phone or tablet?

If you choose to change devices, you can download this time keeping app from either iTunes or Google Play store. All data is stored in the cloud so you will not lose your logging history.

How do I correct a log?

If a log is entered in error, it can simply be deleted up to the point that a user has approved.  If a log has been approved with an e-signature, it cannot be corrected.

When should I enter a log?

Logs can be entered at any point at any time.  The app will immediately upload the entry.  It should be done at the convenience of the user.

Who sees my logs?

Logs can only be seen by those individuals with access to specific contracts.  These people are typically hospital employees.

How long does it take to enter a log or day of on-call?

A log can be done in about 10 seconds or less.  It is simply 4 clicks to select the contract, date, log entry and detail.

Will I see all my logs?

Yes, you can see all your logs on your mobile device, as well as by logging into a computer.  There are reports that can be printed by agreement, by physician and by practice.

Can I dictate my logs?

Yes. Most, if not all phones have talk-to-text technology that allows the user to talk into their mobile device.  The TRACE timekeeping app utilizes this technology to make it easy for the end user.

What if I enter the same dates for on-call by mistake?

TRACE is set-up to allow only one entry per on-call period preventing a user from multiple entries and/or another person entering the same date.

Will I get paid faster utilizing the TRACE system?

TRACE is designed to make the physician payment process simple and seamless!  With automated reminders and e-signatures all parties can make the process for payments quick and simple.

What if I forget to enter my logs?

TRACE provides automatic reminders in the event you forget to enter your logs. Users receive emails on the 28th of each month as a reminder to enter time.  In addition, TRACE allows users to enter logs for prior months that are consistent with the terms of the physician contract.

How do I electronically approve logs?

Logs can be approved by the stroke of your finger or by using a stylus on your mobile device.  Once your signature is captured electronically, it is stored in the system for future use.  At any time a user can resign from future approvals.

How easy is it to run reports?

TRACE timekeeping app makes accessing reports easy. Reports are accessible from the TRACE desktop dashboard.  Users can run physician, practice and program reports for user-specific time frames.

How do I save a report?

All reports generated are saved in the TRACE dashboard.  In addition, any user can download a report and save it locally.

Where is all the data stored?

TRACE information is stored in a secure encrypted database.

What happens if I run a report and find an error?

TRACE is built to allow for multiple reporting.  If there is an error with a log or missing details the hospital user can decline a log and the system will notify a physician of the issue.  Once the physician has corrected the log they can resubmit and rerun the reports once approved by the hospital.

Who can run reports?

Typically, practice administrators and or hospital contract/compliance managers have access to run reports.

Do I need to download software to support TRACE?

No. TRACE is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) application and does not require a download.

What if a physician leaves a practice?

TRACE was designed to accommodate the ever-changing healthcare landscape. To that end, if a physician leaves a practice, the hospital or health system simply needs to notify the Dynafios TRACE team and the contract will be updated with the effective date of the transition.

Dynafios 4CAST Analytics Platform

How does Dynafios 4CAST calculate costs?

If your hospital/health system has a cost accounting system, Dynafios 4CAST uses your stated cost.  If not, then we apply the RCC from the latest Medicare Cost Report to each reported department to derive cost from the charges.


How is the data obtained?

Dynafios accesses encounter, charge detail OR cath lab and implant files from the hospital through a secure FTP site. Regular monthly updates are provided to refresh the most recent 90-days of data.




Are adjustments made for complications/comorbidities?

No, however outliers can be removed from the analysis period.

Can you make this as broad as you want […across hospitals and specialties]?

Dynafios 4CAST can be used for a single service line, across a hospital or an entire health system. Many health systems use 4CAST to monitor performance among their hospital sites.

How are the data-feeds setup? How long does it take? How often is the data feed updated?

As part of the initial setup, Dynafios works with your Decision Support/IT team to obtain the requested RFI data. The data elements are very straightforward and available easily to hospitals.  About 1-2 weeks is all that is required. Once the files are complete, updates are completed monthly and in some cases, provided on a real-time basis.

Can you filter by diagnosis and procedure codes? And, are the results severity adjusted?

Currently, you can filter by procedures codes, but not by diagnosis codes. At this time, the results are not severity adjusted.

Can I automate KPI reporting or metrics associated with physician management agreements and or service line reports?

Management agreements like Co-Management or C2I arrangements reset their indicators each year; therefore, the Dynafios C2I dashboard will be updated annually with new indicators that can be automated and reported on a monthly basis.