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Hospitals have no shortage of data. But aggregating and organizing this data so it can be easily consumed and used in the decision-making process is difficult, time consuming and often too little, too late.

Dynafios 4CASTTM healthcare analytics for hospitals by providing easy to understand analytics, offering rich insights into opportunities to improve clinical outcomes and financial performance. With 4CAST healthcare analytics for hospitals, you can receive valuable real-time provider and program performance, presented in a powerful visual and interactive format. Users can immediately identify variations, trends, behaviors and other performance metrics against best practices and benchmarking indicators for a complete 360o view.

4CAST is a cost-effective and affordable SaaS solution that delivers both local and national benchmarks necessary to drive cost and quality performance. 4CAST eliminates the time and expense of manually organizing and analyzing big data by quickly extracting, aggregating and transforming disparate data sets into actionable insights—allowing decision-makers to identify key areas for improvement.

Program Effectiveness

Also known as the cockpit of care, this module presents a quick overview of a program, service line or site of care and how current performance compares to historical performance.

Provider Performance

Quickly review financial, operational and quality performance at both an individual level and at a defined group level. Provides insight on top performers and areas for individual providers to improve.

Variation Management

Variation in healthcare results in poor quality and high costs. This module provides actionable insights into both clinical and financial variation.

C2i Physician Alignment

Organizations require KPI dashboards to drive both clinical and financial excellence. This interactive module allows users to track KPIs monthly to ensure both clinical and financial outcomes are achieved.

Provider Based Indexing

Key to managing risk in today’s healthcare marketplace starts with understanding which providers can assist in driving both clinical and financial performance. This sophisticated indexing approach provides a ranking system to determine which providers stand out based on engagement, quality, performance, education and outcomes.

Bundled Payments

Maximizing performance in a bundled payment environment requires a clear understanding of both cost and quality drivers across the continuum. This module provides monthly insight and predictability on how an organization is performing and areas for opportunity to improve under a bundled payment.

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