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Technology is continually changing the world of medicine. It’s a daunting task to manage a service line, ensuring optimal care while managing financial performance.

Nowadays, hospital management systems can make life a bit easier. But, medical care is costly and raising fees is not conducive to a competitive market where hospitals compete for patients. And, the only way to remain competitive is by offering premium care while controlling the bottom line. However, most hospital management systems are not analytic tools. They are not designed to provide actionable insights into managing clinical and financial variation.

This is where Dynafios differs. We bridge the gap between just creating more data and actually using the right data to gain valuable insights.

Dynafios 4CAST:
Intuitive & Interactive Features

Program Effectiveness

Dynafios 4CAST Analytics Program Effectiveness module provides year over year trends of specific key performance indicators within a service line. Discover your organization’s financial health, volume, contribution margin by physician and service line:

  • Patient volumes
  • Patient demographics
  • Contribution margins
  • Payor mix

Provider Performance

Leverage technology and real-time data to improve clinical and financial performance. This module offers a complete 360 degree view into individual and group provider performance, offering keen insights to opportunities ripe for improvement. This healthcare analytics module measures the quality of physician services and helps identify top performers.  Quickly view real-time physician performance and:

  • Review financial, operational and quality performance metrics
  • Assess individual or group level performance
  • Discover opportunities for improvement
  • Identify top performing physicians

Variation Management

Managing variation in healthcare is an important factor when measuring the efficiency and effectiveness in care delivery and the cost associated with that care.  By measuring variation and utilization, health care organizations can identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve clinical outcomes. Best practices can be created to ensure a continuum of quality care while simultaneously optimizing utilization, lowering costs and reducing waste. 4CAST features:

  • A 360 degree view into real-time operational, clinical and financial variations
  • Real-time monitoring of cost variations by physician over specified time periods
  • A comprehensive method to identify opportunities for improvement and better manage variation
  • A precision tool to predict the cost of care

"4CAST is comprehensive, yet easy to use."- Jennifer Weldon, Chief Financial Officer | Capital Medical Center

Bundled Payment Analytics

The shift to value-based care has driven public and private payers to redesign reimbursement models that stress accountability of care and healthcare costs. As fee-for-services slowly fades into the horizon, alternative payment models like bundled payments are helping to define the future of healthcare. This module gives providers the ability to better manage the cost and quality of care under the bundled payments model.

This module offers rich insights into financial and quality metrics to:

  • Identify the cost of care and the ability to predict target price
  • Report at risk dollars over target price and discover the reasons for the variation
  • Identify the factors contributing to a lower price and which physicians are under target
  • Provide quality metrics with the bundled contract (discharge location, readmissions, return to OR and more)
  • Filter service line cases subject to bundled payments

Provider Based Index

Dynafios makes evaluating providers easier through a comprehensive healthcare analytics module specifically designed to create an objective Provider Based Index. Scoring is derived from quantifiable measurements and by using the Dynafios proprietary algorithm. Dynafios 4CAST healthcare analytics for Provider Based Index offers:

  • A 360 degree view of provider performance
  • A objective ranking system to measure and identify the best aligned provider(s)
  • The ability to compare physician education, engagement, financials and clinical effectiveness
  • A quantifiable methodology to better manage and mitigate risk

C2i Physician Alignment

Dynafios 4CAST employs the C2i process, a holistic enterprise-wide Physician Alignment program. Unlike siloed co-management programs, this unique approach ensures initiatives are disseminated throughout the organization. A C2i Council is formed and through Physician Ambassadors, education and quality initiatives are shared, ensuring quality, care and financial improvements throughout the organization.

  • Create a dashboard of self-defined key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure goals
  • Monitor real-time changes to operational, clinical, financial and strategic KPIs
  • Performance is measured individually and as a collective, with quarterly incentives for both
  • End-to-end momentum for change that is quantifiable and effective beyond the service line
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