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What Clients Are Saying

“Dynafios 4CAST Analytics Platform is comprehensive, yet easy to use. 4CAST is accurate, removed ambiguity and provided me the level of detail needed in an extremely efficient manner. I have not encountered any cost database comparable to the analysis that Dynafios was able to provide.”

Jennifer D. Weldon, Chief Financial Officer at Capital Medical Center

Dynafios 4CAST Analytics Changes the Way We See Healthcare Data

With Dynafios 4CASTTM healthcare analytics, organizations receive valuable real-time provider and program effectiveness, presented in a powerful visual and interactive format. Users can immediately identify variations, trends, behaviors and other performance metrics against best practices and benchmarking indicators for a complete 360° view.

Dynafios 4CAST offers program and provider score cards, provider-based indexing, real-time variation tools and KPI reporting for key management of programs and providers. Get an inside look at clinical and financial performance for sound decision-making.


Actionable Analytics at
an Affordable Price

Dynafios 4CAST is a cost-effective and affordable healthcare analytics platform that delivers both local and national benchmarks necessary to drive cost and quality performance.

Eliminate the time and expense of manually organizing and analyzing big data by quickly extracting, aggregating and transforming disparate data sets into actionable insights.


Transform clinical and financial information from disparate data sources into an easily digestible format


Discover clinical and financial variations, clinical patterns, correlations, trends, behaviors, value, effectiveness and opportunities for improvement


Streamline workflows and continually monitor on-going improvements  in real-time

How It Helps

Dynafios 4CAST uses local and national benchmarks to reduce costs and enhance patient outcomes


Program Effectiveness

Role-defined access to quickly evaluate a health system, hospital or service line using benchmarking and key performance indicators.


Provider Performance

Review financial, operational and quality performance both at an individual or at a defined group level.


Variation Management

Immediately uncover root causes impacting
clinical and financial variation in
near real time.


C2i Improvement

Automatically aggregate historical data to establish benchmarks to track and measure KPI improvement over a set time.


Provider Based Index

Measure each provider by outcomes, engagement, quality and compile an overall index score for comparison.


Bundled Payment Analytics

Evaluate program effectiveness at a health system, hospital or service line level using benchmarking and key performance indicators

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