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With Dynafios 4CAST healthcare analytics, organizations receive valuable real-time provider and program effectiveness, presented in a powerful visual and interactive format. Users can immediately identify variations, trends, behaviors and other performance metrics against best practices and benchmarking indicators for a complete 360° view.


In healthcare, there are three major types of data: clinical, financial and operational performance.

Although healthcare organizations are no stranger to collecting data, the majority of these organization haven’t begun to create actionable information from data analytics. The volume of data generated from ASC’s to large Tertiary Hospitals can be so overwhelming that most organizations only see a small percentage of the real value to make critical decisions. Managing and harnessing the analytical power of these large data sets is pivotal to the future success of each of these organizations. To that end, Dynafios has the answer!

4CAST Provides a One-Stop-Shop
for Data Analytics Featuring:

Organizational Effectiveness

Dynafios 4CAST Analytics provides a simple view into an Organizations effectiveness with year over year trends, actual to budget and key performance indicators customized to each facility. As part of the 4CAST offering these KPI’s are sent to key leadership monthly without the need to log-in or go searching for answers. Some examples include:

  • Opportunity Days
  • CMI Adjusted Costs
  • Margins
  • Referral Patterns

Provider Performance

Leverage this simple interactive dashboard to review real-time data to help identify areas of improvement in both clinical and financial performance. This tool offers a complete 360 degree view into individual and group provider performance, offering insights into key areas for performance improvement. Easily view real-time provider performance in key areas that include:

  • Financial, operational and quality metrics
  • Review at the individual, group or specialty areas
  • Identify actionable items for improvement
  • Understand top performers and how they can impact organizational change

Variation Management

Managing variation in healthcare is an important factor when measuring the efficiency and effectiveness in care delivery and the cost associated with that care.  By measuring variation and utilization, health care organizations can identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve clinical outcomes. Best practices can be created to ensure a continuum of quality care while simultaneously optimizing utilization, lowering costs and reducing waste. 4CAST features:

  • A 360o view into real-time operational, clinical and financial variations
  • Real-time monitoring of cost variations by physician over specified time periods
  • A comprehensive method to identify opportunities for improvement and better manage variation
  • A tool to predict the cost of care

Perioperative Services Analytics

Perioperative services are the heart and soul of any healthcare system today. Understanding and delivering best practice care, outcomes and experience is critical to the success in leading organizations. 4CAST provides a platform to engage physicians as performance improvement partners to understand how variation in care not only drives up costs, but can have a negative impact on a patient outcomes. Some key areas 4CAST delivers insight include:

  • FCOTS, TOT and Block utilization
  • Procedure card compliance – by provider
  • Procedure costs variation
  • What if scenarios to maximize syndications and productivity

ASC Operational and Financial Analytics

With the migration to ambulatory care we are seeing more and more organizations invest in Ambulatory Surgery Centers. With this investment there needs to be an understanding of key data analytics to drive quality care, profitability and patient experience.

4CAST tool can provide an easy view of key performance indicators including:

  • Provider statistics – volume, costs, margin and productivity
  • Operating room statistics – FCOTS, TOT, Block Utilization
  • Cost Variation
  • Syndication opportunities – Specialty and margins

Provider Engagement

Provider Engagement in today’s healthcare environment is a necessity. Understanding key data elements, trends and opportunities is critical to deliver both profitability and growth. 4CAST is a simple to use tool at the providers fingertips to provide reliable and actionable data. From medical directorships through clinically integrated networks data is a requirement to effect change. 4CAST delivers:

  • KPI dashboards driven by strategic goals, operational outcomes and annual budgets
  • Service line view for both internal and external benchmarking
  • Savings opportunities identified and monitored every month
  • The ability to look at individuals, groups or specialties and compare best practice to all others
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