St. Joseph’s Medical Center Partners with Dynafios to Launch Comprehensive Orthopedic and Spine ProgramCentral California Hospital Renews Dynafios Physician Alignment Program to Further Enhance the Patient Experience

September 24, 2018 — Seatttle —Dynafios, a leading analytics and healthcare consulting company revolutionizing the business of healthcare, is pleased to announce that St. Joseph’s Medical Center successfully launched a new edge-to-edge patient focused Orthopedic and Spine Program. In partnership with Dynafios, St. Joseph’s evaluated current processes, identified areas for improvement and collaborated with physicians to increase efficiencies while ensuring high quality clinical care.

The medical center leveraged Dynafios healthcare consulting services and Dynafios TRACETM physician timekeeping and contract compliance app for hospital excellence initiatives. Dynafios led the hospital and physician alignment program and leveraged Dynafios TRACE to ensure contract compliance.

“Dynafios’ healthcare expertise was pivotal in integrating the hospital and physicians to further enhance patient outcomes while improving the patient experience,” said Donald J. Wiley, president and CEO of St. Joseph’s Medical Center. “We are proud of the momentum we’ve created with Dynafios. This has been a successful program to improve operations and quality.”

St. Joseph’s and Dynafios focused on the main drivers of healthcare—enhancing patient outcomes and reducing the cost of care. Together, they developed key performance indicators (KPIs) and measured improvement monthly. Through this systematic approach, they were able to improve the delivery of clinical care in the orthopedic and spine service lines and enhance the patient experience, while eliminating obstacles to operational efficiency. The Orthopedic and Spine Program achieved the following successes:

  • Improved patient care with dedicated Orthopedic Operating Room (OR) staffing. The hospital collaborated with physicians to improve OR efficiencies.
  • Created the role of Patient Navigator—a liaise between the patient and the hospital. The Patient Navigator’s primary focus is to manage the patient experience from admit through discharge, including home health services. This new role focuses on the patient experience ensuring all inpatient care and after care is complete.
  • Optimized the continuum of care through hospital access points. For example, St. Joseph’s streamlined the delivery of care from admit to Operating Room to discharge when patients were admitted through Urgent Care or the Emergency Department.

With the success of the Orthopedic and Spine Program, St. Joseph’s Medical Center renewed their partnership with Dynafios for a fourth year to continue improving patient outcomes. The focus will be to continue to enhance the patient experience, serve more patients and increase operational efficiencies. Goals include:

  • Achieving 90 percent compliance with American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) best practice standards for total joint replacements.
  • Earning Joint Commission accreditation for hip replacement and spine surgery.
  • Continuing to improve operational standards through identification of first case on-time starts and turnover time in the OR.

Since 2015, the Medical Center has partnered with Dynafios to improve the delivery and the cost of patient care. Since engaging Dynafios, the Medical Center has achieved the following:

Pre-Operative Screening. Deployed a screening process for high risk readmission patients to deliver an enhanced level of care. For example, hip fracture patients are screened for co-morbidities such as COPD, diabetes and other health issues to provide a more customized level of care.

Intra-Operative Pain Management. Initiated an enhanced pain management program with specific anesthesia protocols tailored to meet patient needs.

Post-Operative Care. Optimized care coordination with Physical Therapy and Home Care to better meet the medical needs of the patient following discharge.

“We are proud to work with this prestigious healthcare organization to continue our focus to enhance patient care and create a positive patient experience,” said Steve Elliott, chief executive officer and co-founder of Dynafios. “Dynafios, the hospital and their physicians have worked together to deliver unparalleled quality care while creating a positive patient experience throughout the continuum of care.”


About Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Medical Center Hospital
St. Joseph’s Medical Center is a not-for-profit, fully accredited, regional hospital with 347 beds, a physician staff of over 600, and more than 2,300 employees. St. Joseph’s specializes in cardiovascular care, comprehensive cancer services, and women and children’s services including neonatal intensive care. St. Joseph’s is the largest hospital, as well as one of the largest private employers in San Joaquin County. In addition to being nationally recognized as a quality leader, St. Joseph’s is consistently chosen as the “most preferred hospital” by local consumers. Founded in 1899 by Fr. William O’Connor and administered by the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael, St. Joseph’s continues to lead the region in medical innovation. St. Joseph’s Medical Center is committed to delivering compassionate, high-quality, affordable health care services with special attention to the poor and underserved. In FY 2016, St. Joseph’s provided over $57 million in charity care, community services, and unreimbursed patient care. St. Joseph’s Medical Center is a member of Dignity Health, a system of ancillary care sites, medical foundations, and acute care hospitals serving California, Arizona and Nevada.

About Dynafios
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