New Healthcare Analytics Platform Drives Cost and Quality Performance for Hospitals and Health SystemsDynafios 4CAST Transforms Datasets into Actionable Insights to Improve Clinical Outcomes and Financial Performance for Stroke, Cardio, Ortho & Other Specialties

January 24, 2018—Los Angeles— Dynafios (, a leading analytics and healthcare consulting company revolutionizing the business of healthcare, is pleased to announce the release of Dynafios 4CAST TM Analytics Platform. Dynafios 4CAST is an affordable, comprehensive healthcare analytics tool that extracts, aggregates and transforms disparate data into easy to consume, actionable insights. 4CAST gives decision-makers the ability to identify key areas to enhance clinical outcomes and improve financial performance. Dynafios will present live demonstrations of 4CAST for Neuro during the International Stroke Conference on January 24-25 in booth #253 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

“Dynafios 4CAST Analytics Platform is comprehensive, yet easy to use,” said Jennifer D. Weldon, chief financial officer of Capital Medical Center. “4CAST is accurate, removed ambiguity and provided me the level of detail needed in an extremely efficient manner. I have not encountered any cost database comparable to the analysis that Dynafios was able to provide.”

Healthcare organizations face mounting pressure to standardize patient care and increase visibility into financial performance, while enhancing staff and patient satisfaction. In this endeavor, hospitals capture and prioritize data from disparate sources, formats and systems and manually organize the data. However, since the data is constantly evolving, growing in complexity and volume, data management has become an untenable task.

Pulled data requires cleansing, ensuring the data is accurate, consistent, relevant and uncorrupted. Most healthcare analytic solutions promise to scrub data and present it in an easy to read venue, but these solutions are costly, difficult to use and even more difficult to discern any useful information from the data presented. These are just a few of the reasons why analytics programs fall short.

Gallup cites five reasons as to why analytics programs fail with the failure to glean insights from the data as the biggest problem, followed by using the wrong metrics. This inability to easily lift useful insights from accurate, correct and relevant data leaves most users frustrated, often abandoning the analytics software.

Dynafios 4CAST Healthcare Analytics Platform is different. This platform:

  • Eliminates the time and expense of manually organizing and analyzing data.
  • Extracts, cleanses, aggregates and presents data in a powerfully visual, easy to understand interactive format.
  • Provides users the ability to quickly identify variations, trends, behaviors and other performance metrics against best practices and benchmarking indicators for a complete 360 degree view.
  • Offers program and provider scorecards, provider based Indexing, real-time variation tools and reporting of key performance indicators (KPIs) for focused management of programs and providers.
  • Removes the complexity of data analytics and provides actionable insights for key decision-makers by providing transparency into patient outcomes with productivity and profitability analytics to enhance the continuum of care while improving financial performance.

“Dynafios 4CAST has proven to be a valuable business intelligence tool for Capital Medical Center and other health organizations to take action to improve clinical outcomes,“ said Steve Elliott, chief executive officer and co-founder of Dynafios. “4CAST is tailored to each specific service line, providing an excellent way for the leadership team to work with providers and eliminate both clinical and financial variation—resulting in a stronger bottom line.”

Dynafios will be demonstrating the power and ease of use of 4CAST Analytics Platform at the International Stroke Conference on January 24-25 at the Los Angeles Convention Center booth #253. To register, visit the ISC website. To learn more about Dynafios 4CAST, email [email protected] or visit


About Capital Medical Center
Capital Medical Center is a 110-bed, full-service hospital serving all of Thurston and surrounding counties within Washington State. Capital provides a comprehensive range of medical services and high quality care by integrating medical and technological resources. The Medical Center is proud to have been recognized by Washington State Hospital Association as the recipient of the 2016 Achieving Best Care award. Capital Medical Center is part of RCCH Healthcare Partners, based in Brentwood, Tennessee. RCCH operates 17 regional health systems in 12 states. For more information on Capital Medical Center visit or for more on RCCH Healthcare Partners visit

About the International Stroke Conference
The International Stroke Conference is the world’s premier meeting dedicated to the science and treatment of cerebrovascular disease. This 2½-day conference features more than 1,500 compelling presentations in 21 categories, and offers an exhibit area with the latest technology and consulting services. To register for the ISC Conference on January 23-25 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, visit the ISC 2018 website.

About Dynafios
Dynafios is a leading analytics and healthcare consulting company helping both hospitals and health systems become more successful in a dynamic and ever-changing environment.  Dynafios software products include 4CAST Healthcare Analytics Platform and TRACE, a mobile physician compliance application. Health systems and leadership utilize the Dynafios 4CAST Analytics Platform and the TRACE app to work closely with providers in reducing variation, driving performance and elevating compliance. Visit us at, call 877.858.3282 or email [email protected] to learn more about our wide range of consulting services analytics tools and how we can help transform your organization.

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