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February 15, 2018—Saint Mary’s Hospital Realizes Net Positive Gain of $305,000 by Optimizing Physician Alignment with Dynafios C2i Process & 4CAST Healthcare Analytics

Hospital & Physicians Group Drive Improvements in Quality of Care by Using Dynafios Innovative Physician Alignment Methodology Supported by Analytics Software  More>>

January 25, 2018—Willamette Valley Medical Center Chooses Dynafios Healthcare Healthcare Analytics Platform

RCCH Hospital will leverage real-time analytics to further enhance clinical outcomes while reducing the cost of care for Stroke, Cardio and Ortho Specialties, and General Medicine  More>>

January 24, 2018—New Healthcare Analytics Platform Drives Cost and Quality Performance for Hospitals and Health Systems

Dynafios 4CAST Transforms Datasets into Actionable Insights to Improve Clinical Outcomes and Financial Performance for Stroke, Cardio, Ortho & Other Specialties.  More>>

October 24, 2017—Allyson Watts Joins Dynafios to Serve Growing Demand for Orthopedic Healthcare Consulting

Watts’ Expertise in Orthopedic, Acute Care and Emergency Department Level 2 and 3 Trauma Center will Enrich Healthcare Consulting Offerings to Hospitals and Health Systems.  More>>

June 1, 2017—New Mobile Physician Time Tracking Software Ensures Collaboration and Contract Compliance

Dynafios TRACE Offers Automated End-to-End Electronic Timekeeping and Approval in One Easy to Use Application. More>>