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Dynafios provides a wide range of valuation services to help healthcare providers establish and document fair market value compensation for all types of contract agreements.

We provide hospital and health systems, imaging centers, physician practices, and legal counsel with a range of healthcare business and physician valuation services.



Our Valuation Services Include:

Physician Agreements

Any transaction between potential referral sources must be consistent with Fair Market Value (FMV) and commercially reasonable. Dynafios has years of experience in providing FMV opinion letters in both a complete and timely fashion to ensure all payments to providers are commercially reasonable and fall within FMV.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Dynafios has experience in providing valuation assistance for the purchase of healthcare business entities that include ASCs, physician practices, imaging centers and other healthcare related ventures. As part of our core business, we work with healthcare systems to appropriately value potential business acquisitions.

Asset Acquisitions

Correctly valuing assets as part of a purchase is critical to ensure all parties can agree upon a purchase price that is commercially reasonable and reflects true market conditions. Dynafios brings a solid reputation in the asset acquisition side of healthcare and can assist health systems in the valuation process for buying and selling assets.