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Mitigating Risk: Contract Adjudications

Adjudication of physician contracts, which include pay for performance dollars, is an essential process for contract compliance. To ensure compliance, healthcare organizations leverage the capabilities of objective third-party adjudicators that offer thorough reviews and approvals of physician contracts and payments.

Dynafios has deep experience providing contract adjudication services to hundreds of healthcare organizations across the U.S. We pride ourselves with unparalleled precision, which is why more and more healthcare organizations come to Dynafios to adjudicate physician contract management agreements than anywhere else.


Dynafios provides contract adjudication services, which includes:

  • A thorough review to ensure management duties are complete
  • An analysis of the achievements under the terms of the agreement
  • Confirmation that the contract terms were met by both parties
  • Validating the data sources and measurement periods to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  • Validating the approved key performance indicators (KPIs), performance definitions an results
  • Documenting performance levels and calculating earned performance bonuses based on indicator performance achievements
  • Thorough written documentation of all points outlined above and the amount to be paid under the terms of the agreement

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Specific Deliverables in this Process are:


Analysis of management duties completed and the indicator results.


Calculation of the financial payments (based on the final results) and payout to all parties.


Summarize the year accomplishments related to management of the service line.