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Dynafios Healthcare Consulting for Stroke helps to identify opportunities for improvement in clinical outcomes and financial performance. Our expert consultants craft a comprehensive, end-to-end plan to align care providers and the hospital into a seamless, unified force.

Our consultants:

  • Study the data of patient treatments, outcomes and the cost to identify the most clinically effective and cost-efficient treatments to apply.
  • Measure the end results of care or how treatment is delivered, and the associated costs leads to identify gaps in quality of care and variations in the cost.
  • Leverage rich data analytics and compliance tools to create a powerful, measurable transformation within the stroke service line.

Dynafios healthcare consultants are highly experienced in the development and refinement of processes, procedures, performance metrics, programs and outcome measurements for hospitals and health systems. Our consultants offer extensive knowledge and hands-on expertise to identify clinical and financial variation and drive programs that accelerate positive change.

 Attain Certifications

Dynafios certified clinicians utilize current neurovascular research and performance analytics to standardize processes and improve the quality of patient care, while streamlining costs and mitigating hospital risk. Stroke certified clinical experts deliver deep knowledge of healthcare, trends and data analytics to validate stroke performance on a national level. With experience in community to comprehensive certifications, Dynafios consultants consistently reduce hospital risk, ensure survey readiness and mitigate corrective findings.

 Increase Physician Alignment

The Dynafios C2i methodology is a unique offering that promotes and measures transformative change consistently integrated throughout all facets of the service line. Instead of focusing on one aspect of a service, the entire service line is transformed as a whole, with each step measured using Dynafios 4CAST healthcare analytics platform.

 Accelerate Physician Engagement

Dynafios pioneered the co-management agreement, helping health organizations accelerate engagement for both the hospital and the participating physicians. With our expertise in physician engagement and physician alignment, we understand what it takes to ensure results.

 Leverage Actionable Insights

The health care industry generates huge amounts of data, driven by compliance, regulatory requirements and patient care. By aggregating and formatting this data into easy to consume bites, providers and hospitals can glean opportunities to improve health care quality and delivery for stroke patients while simultaneously reducing costs.

 Improve Healthcare Compliance

Dynafios TRACE TM (Time Record Activity Captured Electronically) is an easy to use physician timekeeping compliance tool to track time and monitor physician hours and payments. TRACE is the perfect companion to Dynafios Co-Management agreements or our C2i methodology and 4CAST.

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