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Solving the healthcare strategy puzzle

Today’s healthcare system continues to evolve in response to challenges and opportunities arising from societal and market forces. These forces are transforming healthcare by altering the notion of what care is delivered, where and by whom, and they expose organizations to risks and uncertainty. 

Dynafios has the experience to know that a dynamic strategic planning process is required to handle shifts or turns in today’s market. We use a collaborative approach – partnering with your executive team and provider community to enhance the effectiveness of the strategic planning process. Dynafios helps design, build, and implement tailored business tactics that work. 



Our strategic planning process includes:

Environmental Assessment

  • Identify external opportunities and threats, market dynamics and characteristics
  • Conduct Internal SWOT analysis
  • Synthesize to identify key trends and drivers and understand implications


Core Values/Focus

  • Mission
  • Vision and Values
  • Identify Goals and Strategies
  • Identify priorities – short term and long term objectives
  • Develop financial projections

Accountability to Results

  • Define ownership
  • Quantify outcomes/results
  • Establish milestones/timeline
  • Define financial performance

Tactical Execution

  • Milestone management
  • Accountability to performance
  • KPI management
  • Measure results