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Service Line Development in Healthcare

Healthcare mergers and acquisitions have been at an all-time high and the trend looks to continue. As a result, the healthcare market is saturated and organizations with multiple hospitals and facilities across regions are often providing duplication of services with little or no coordination. We work with organizations to regionalize services, where appropriate, and help clients with physician integration in the implementation of best practices for clinical services.


Our Expertise:


Critical to regionalization is the ability to understand core services, locations, opportunities and physician loyalties at each facility.  Dynafios works to understand types of services, placement of services, leakage, and proposes tactics for service line integration- both clinically and financially.


Dynafios works with clients to define the clinical and operational standards of each site to cross pollinate best practices.  Key to this process is the acceptance throughout the system of those ‘best practices’ and location of services, and ensure all stakeholders are vested in the long term vision.


Both administrative and physician engagement is critical to a regional service line.  Dynafios works closely to develop leadership structures that force transparency and accountability at the regional level.  Furthermore, Dynafios works carefully on the logistics side to ensure things as simple as the P&L of each site is maintained in the current payor environment without compromising the overall “value” to the healthcare system.


Service lines need to understand drivers that support the business and all future growth.  To that end, Dynafios works to develop customized service line reporting tools that provide the ability to understand program variation, physician variation, patient leakage, sub-service line placement, clinical variation and outcomes monitoring.