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Combination 2 Integration (C2i)

Integrate physicians and clinical services across multiple campuses to deliver improved service line results.

Increase efficiency while reducing costs through:

  • Clinical Service Placement
  • Physician Integration
  • Governance
  • Culture Shift

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What Our Client’s Are Saying

“We had longstanding issues with our cardiac surgeons practicing independently instead of as a team.  Each had their own practice patterns.  With the help of Dynafios, we achieved a common set of supplies and orders which improved our overall performance.”

Edmundo Castaneda, President

“We have a unique situation comprised of many different independent primary care physicians just trying to survive! Our experience with Dynafios has been wonderful in helping us unify our approach to managing chronic patients and aligning on a common goal around patient care.”

Dr. Teresa Swida, Family Practice

“The engagement of our surgeons has never been so high. Dynafios got us to the table and amazing accomplishments have happened!”


Doug O’Ryan, Dir. of Physician Services

A few of Our Valued Clients