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How Physician Engagement Impacts Care Decisions

Physicians have long focused on being good stewards of patient health. Delivering high quality care has always been the goal. Unfortunately, in an environment of skyrocketing healthcare costs and falling reimbursements, focusing on clinical outcomes is only half the battle.

A paradigm shift is needed to create a climate where physicians embrace the concept of healthcare value, uniting both clinical and financial outcomes. This shift creates a cultural transformation where the understanding that without money, there is no mission, no need to focus, no innovation and no healthcare.

Gallup found that fully engaged and engaged physicians gave the hospital an average of 3% more outpatient referrals and 51% more inpatient referrals than physicians who were not engaged or who were actively disengaged.”

Dynafios healthcare consulting is a leader in helping optimize the results of pay for performance co-management agreements. Dynafios helps healthcare organizations create a collaborative environment were physicians become engaged, pivotal to creating a wave of positive clinical and financial change. We help engage physicians by integrating clinical and financial discussions into united goals for both providers and the health care organization. Dynafios educates physicians that clinical and financial performance are not opposing forces, but parallel streams to be united, leveraged and managed to achieve impactful results.

Opportunities for improvement are identified and agreed upon. Milestones and financial incentives are calculated. With Dynafios healthcare consulting, physician engagement initiatives within co-management agreements achieve sustainable results with:

  • Efficiencies and productivity gains quantified, and waste eliminated
  • Enhanced delivery of consistent patient care through the implementation of best practices and protocols
  • Standardization leading to higher quality of patient care and lower costs