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A human’s heart beats around 3 billion times in the average lifetime. About 8 million blood cells die in the human body every second, and the same number are born each second. And the heart of each Dynafios healthcare consultant skips a beat when they’ve successfully achieved all key performance indicators within a client’s cardiovascular service line.

Dynafios is the leader in healthcare consulting for cardiology. Dynafios consistently creates the perfect fusion of products and services to meet your unique needs. We harness the potential of data analytics to bring greater specificity in identifying and better managing variation to improve clinical care and financial performance. Our healthcare consulting for cardiovascular helps identify and bridge gaps, develop a course of action and monitor on-going improvement. Turn to Dynafios healthcare consulting for cardiology to transform your organization.

Physician Alignment

The Dynafios C2i methodology is a unique healthcare consulting for cardiology offering. Think of C2i as a co-management agreement on steroids. C2i promotes and measures transformative change consistently integrated throughout all facets of the cardiology service line. Instead of focusing on one aspect or discipline of the service line, the entire cardiology service line is transformed as a whole, with each step measured using Dynafios 4CAST healthcare analytics platform.


We pioneered healthcare consulting for cardiology with the Dynafios co-management agreement. Dynafios healthcare consulting for cardiovascular co-management agreements help health organizations accelerate engagement for both the hospital and the participating physicians. With our expertise in physician engagement and physician alignment, we understand what it takes to ensure results and we achieve dramatic results, time after time.

Data Analytics & Warehousing

The health care industry generates huge amounts of data, driven by compliance, regulatory requirements and patient care. Dynafios healthcare consulting for cardiology includes data analytics as a foundation. By aggregating and formatting this data into easy to consume bites, providers and hospitals can glean opportunities to improve health care quality and delivery for cardiology patients while simultaneously reducing costs.

Healthcare Compliance

Dynafios TRACE TM (Time Record Activity Captured Electronically) is an easy to use physician timekeeping compliance tool to track time and monitor physician hours and payments. TRACE is the perfect companion to Dynafios Co-Management agreements or our C2i methodology and 4CAST.






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