The Importance of Healthcare Analytics for Hospitals

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The Importance of Healthcare Analytics for Hospitals

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Healthcare organizations face mounting pressure to standardize patient care and increase visibility into financial performance, while enhancing staff and patient satisfaction. In this endeavor, hospitals capture and prioritize data from disparate sources, formats and systems and manually organize the data. However, the data is constantly evolving, growing in complexity and volume, making data management an untenable task.

Pulled data requires cleansing, ensuring the data is accurate, correct, consistent, relevant and uncorrupted. Most healthcare data analytic solutions for hospitals promise to scrub data and present it in an easy

to read venue, but these solutions are costly, difficult to use and even more difficult to discern any useful information from the data presented.

Five Reasons Why Analytics Programs Fail

Gallup cites five reasons as to why analytics programs fail with the failure to glean insights from the data as the biggest problem, followed by using the wrong metrics. Some users are unable to identify the problem they are trying to solve and end up growing frustrated trying to understand the data. This inability to easily lift useful insights from accurate, correct and relevant data leaves most users frustrated, often abandoning the analytics software.

Next week, Dynafios will formally launch an alternative to the typically cumbersome and cryptic healthcare analytics software currently available. Dynafios 4CAST Analytics Platform is an affordable, end-to-end healthcare analytics tool that extracts, aggregates and transforms disparate data into easy to consume, actionable insights. This unique analytics tool gives decision makers the ability to identify key areas where opportunities exist to improve patient outcomes and financial performance.

This healthcare analytics tool is easy to use, presenting data in a powerful visual, simple to understand interactive format. Users can quickly identify variations, trends, behaviors and other performance metrics against best practices and benchmarking indicators for a complete 360o view. 4CAST removes the complexity of data analytics and offers transparency into patient outcomes with productivity and profitability analytics to enhance the continuum of care while improving financial performance.

We’re excited to share 4CAST within the healthcare community and demonstrate how easy data analytics can be. For the frontline employees to the CEO, we’ve made it easy to identify opportunities for clinical and financial improvement. No more teeth gnashing while organizing data. No more headaches trying to carve meaning from numbers with curious origins. We made it easy to eliminate tension headaches from analytics software.

With the volatility in the healthcare landscape, it’s nice to know there is something you can count on. Give us a call at 877.858.3282 for more information on Dynafios 4CAST Analytics Platform or email us at, and see 4CAST in action.

Learn why we’re making healthcare analytics for hospitals more powerful, yet easier to use.

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