How Saint Mary’s & NOSS Achieved Physician Engagement v2.0

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How Saint Mary’s & NOSS Achieved Physician Engagement v2.0

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We are really proud to announce the success achieved at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury, Connecticut. We just released a news release and the feedback has been amazing.

Saint Mary’s Hospital engaged Dynafios to take physician engagement to the next level. Our C2i methodology, backed by our 4CAST healthcare data analytics platform, helped the hospital and a renowned Neuro physicians group realize a net positive gain of $305,000. These organizations collaborated to improve the median variable contribution margin per case, increase OR efficiency and enhance patient satisfaction and quality. Overall, Saint Mary’s Hospital and Neurology, Orthopaedics & Spine Specialists (or NOSS), implemented best practices and standardized protocols to achieve a significant financial gain while optimizing patient outcomes.

C2i (or Combination to Integration) is a unique physician engagement process that drives quality of care and financial improvements by identifying variation and implementing key performance indicators. C2i takes a service line and creates an integrated approach to extend physician alignment at all levels. Instead of viewing physician alignment through a single lens, Dynafios C2i calibrates a global vision, transforming clinical care and financial performance through each discipline.

How does C2i work?

Dynafios assembles a C2i Council consisting of leaders from all disciplines within the service line. The Council defines a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) that include operations, clinical, service, financial and strategic, which will be monitored and measured at regular intervals. The Council meets to monitor progress individually and/or as a collective, and leverages Clinical Ambassadors to disseminate changes.

The Dynafios C2i physician alignment methodology initiates and measures transformative change that is consistently integrated throughout all facets of the service line. Instead of focusing on one aspect at a time, the entire service line is transformed as a whole, with each step measured using Dynafios 4CAST healthcare analytics platform.  Dynafios 4CAST offers an interactive dashboard providing real-time monitoring of KPIs to help the C2i Council navigate change effectively.

KPIs are measured individually and on a group basis. This affords the physicians to be measured and incentivized individually and as part of a group. Payouts are quarterly rather than annually as in typical co-management agreements.

Want to learn more?

Check out the case study or visit or C2i web page for more information.

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