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Alternative Payment Models

Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement, Cardiac Rehabilitation Incentives, and Oncology Care Model are among the alternative model programs proposed and in place. Dynafios is helping clients identify and reduce regional variation in care patterns and episode spending. We work in partnership with healthcare organizations to assist in better aligning incentives for hospitals, physicians, and post-acute care providers to improve quality and coordination of care.

Whatever payment model is introduced, Dynafios has a proven method to ensure client success and sustainability in a risk-based payment world.

Our Approach to Alternative Payment Models:

physician alignment

The assessment, negotiation and deployment of financial arrangements among providers that enhance collaboration and align incentives.

Program assessment

Clinical, financial, and quality assessment outlining opportunities for success in an alternative payment model. 

Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) Tool

Electronic survey tool to easily capture and report pre and post procedure patient outcomes.

Care redesign

A care redesign process that standardizes care delivery, eliminates variation, improves quality, and reduces cost across the continuum.

Service line analytics

Service line analytics and visualization to drive both clinical and financial performance in a value-based environment.